Family Vacation in Zadar County? Here's How to Have a Fantastic Time!

Family Vacation in Zadar County? Here's How to Have a Fantastic Time!
Discover the undiscovered gems of Zadar County, oases of peace and quiet, as well as unforgettable adventures! Zadar County - where there's something for everyone on a family vacation!

A family vacation on the Adriatic is the perfect way to relax, enjoy and create memories that will last a lifetime. The last school bell has rung, you've finished your projects at work, and now it's time for a relaxing family vacation. Located on a fantastic part of the Adriatic coast, Zadar offers everything you need for a true family vacation.

Wondering how to spend a family vacation in Zadar that satisfies playful and curious children's minds, while giving you a chance to relax and return to yourself? We know how precious your time is, so we've prepared plenty of ideas for how to spend a family vacation in Zadar County. All you have to do is choose what appeals to you the most and - start packing your bags!

Discover the Perfect Family Excursions, as an Answer to "Where to Go on Vacation with Kids"

Family outings and weekend getaways with children are priceless opportunities to spend quality time together. Thanks to its location and pleasant climate, Zadar County attracts generations of families from all over the world looking for top destinations for family holidays on the Adriatic. The rich history and tradition of this area, along with its beautiful nature, have created perfect conditions for family excursions filled with fun activities.

If you're wondering where to go on holiday with your children while here, escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Visit the excursion spots around Vransko Lake Nature Park, the largest lake in Croatia. The marshy part of the lake is a well-known ornithological area, and young visitors will be thrilled to receive binoculars when visiting the reserve. Play who can spot more than 256 species of birds that can be found here, climb elevated observation decks and explore educational trails. You can also explore the lush nature with rented bicycles, and there are playgrounds, an adventure park, and paintball as an additional source of entertainment.

For bigger adventurers among you, we recommend rafting on the Zrmanja River or kayaking on the Krka River Canyon. Both rivers offer beautiful landscapes, crystal clear waters perfect for swimming, and an active and exciting holiday that is not easy to find anywhere else. Additionally, the Paklenica National Park is an excellent choice for hiking enthusiasts and those who love enchanting nature. The towering peaks of majestic Velebit and the jagged cliffs of impressive canyons create an ambiance that takes your breath away. Explore it on foot, by bike, or with a comfortable safari ride in a jeep!

Peaceful Beaches in Croatia, for your Perfect Family Vacation on the Adriatic

Why come to the magical Adriatic Sea if you're not going to spend at least some time on the most beautiful beaches for children in Croatia? Zadar is known for its clean and safe beaches perfect for family vacations with children who love to explore shallow waters for hours on end. The most famous ones are Borik, Diklo, and Kolovare, peaceful beaches in Croatia ideal for family summer holidays. Borik is especially popular among families because of the range of amenities it offers. You'll find playgrounds for children, restaurants and cafes, and you can also rent pedal boats or kayaks. Diklo Beach is known for its tranquil surroundings, while Kolovare Beach is an excellent choice for families who want to enjoy both the sea and city attractions at the same time.

If you're willing to venture a bit further from Zadar to experience fantastic beaches for children, we recommend taking a trip to Queen's Beach in Nin. It's the longest sandy beach in Croatia! The shallow and warm sea surrounding it is especially suitable for babies and small children, but it will also be attractive to older members of your family. A network of wooden pedestrian paths surrounded by endemic and rare plant species leads you to the beach itself, where you can take a long and relaxed walk surrounded by a unique natural botanical garden.

Experience a Great Day Trip with Children from Zadar

Where to go for a one-day trip with children from Zadar, you ask yourself after you've swum and sunbathed? Children can have fun wherever you take them. But after a few days of going to the same beach, it's probably a good time to give them a new and exciting experience. For such an adventure-filled day that will make your kids sleep deeply, visit Adventure Park Zadar & Biograd. Children over 5 years old can safely explore heights, climb trees and rocks, ride zip lines or play paintball there. This unforgettable adventure will not only entertain them for a short time, but also encourage them to develop problem-solving and teamwork skills, and increase their self-confidence and independence.

You can also have a similar adventure for a great weekend getaway with children at Funpark Biograd. This is a themed amusement park where you have the opportunity to experience unique entertainment that your children will talk about for years to come. Choose the theme of your adventure: Space, Pirate City, or Wild West, and enjoy rides, performances, games, virtual journeys, and much more for children of all ages. In addition, the park is located near beautiful beaches and other tourist attractions, making it an excellent location for a full-day family trip.

Your annual vacation on the Adriatic coast is not complete without trying Mediterranean delicacies and experiencing the most beautiful sunset in the world at the end of the day! Stay in Zadar, but organize a full day tour of restaurants with the finest creations that will delight your taste buds. Try authentic local dishes, an important part of the rich cultural heritage of this region. For dessert, take your children to sweet specialties such as fritters, crostoli, rozata or ice cream at the iconic Donat pastry shop located in the city center. Take a stroll along the Zadar waterfront to the imaginative installations of the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun, where you will enjoy the unique singing of the sea. Full and tired, stop for a moment and soak up the spectacular sight of the sunset that you can only experience in Zadar!

Boat trips from Zadar - enjoy the best of the Adriatic Sea

Boat trips and Zadar are an exceptional combination for a peaceful vacation on the Adriatic and experiencing a unique sea adventure. This charming city on the coast is surrounded by numerous islands, islets, and hidden coves. Boat trips from Zadar are an exciting way to explore them, find secret locations, and embark on an adventure that will stay with you forever.

Head towards the island of Ugljan, which is widely known for its beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. Find your hidden cove and immerse yourself in the enchanting natural environment where you can enjoy the intimacy of your family. A peaceful vacation on the Adriatic awaits you if you take a ride to another island in the Zadar archipelago. On the northwest of Dugi Otok island, there is the breathtakingly beautiful sandy beach of Sakarun surrounded by untouched nature and magnificent blue sea. It is practical for families with children because of the proximity of a pine forest full of shade and warm, shallow water perfect for play and safe swimming.

If you find yourself in Zadar, taking a boat trip to the surrounding national parks and nature parks is an adventure you must try. Start with a visit to the Kornati National Park and the Telašćica Nature Park where you can bathe in the clearest sea you have probably ever seen. At these two locations, you will witness a network of incredible marine landscapes made up of almost a hundred islands, islets, and rocks. In addition to enjoying the stunning views, here you can try numerous activities created for nature lovers full of adventurous spirit. Explore the paths of lush landscapes and introduce your children to the beauties of the world they live in!

Family New Year's Eve in Zadar County - What if you arrive in Zadar off-season?

If you want to give yourself and your loved ones a top-notch spectacle on this special day of the year, try the winter magic in a Dalmatian way! There are numerous fun-musical, dance and educational programs waiting for you, along with plenty of tempting culinary delights to choose from. So this winter, warm your heart and start a new chapter by choosing a family New Year's Eve celebration in Zadar!

However you decide to enhance your family vacation time in Zadar County, after long days filled with fun, you can relax in our accommodation facilities. Carefully designed to provide you with the rest and security as if you were at home, our apartments are waiting to be filled with the laughter of your family. If you are looking for a stylish base for a family vacation, feel free to contact us with your questions!

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