Discover Zadar

Discover Zadar, the pearl of the Central Adriatic, and enjoy a mesmerizing sunset

Zadar and the entire Zadar region boast rich history, culture, natural beauties, culinary delights, beautiful islands, crystal clear sea and more. Thanks to its excellent geographic position and traffic connections, Zadar is blessed with a pleasant Mediterranean climate with an impressive number of sunny days. More than 3000 years old, Zadar has undergone rapid development in recent years that make it an ideal destination for both vacation and life!

Swim in the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea

One of the most beautiful seas in the world by far, the Adriatic is still remarkably clean and clear, especially the waters surrounding the islands. The entire Zadar archipelago is particularly renowned for its numerous islands. Starting from the nearest island of Ugljan and the Franciscan monastery on the islet of Školjić to the fragrant Pašman and Dugi otok with the famous Telašćica Nature Park. Whether you want to go out in the nature or revitalize yourself with some sea air, trust that the islands of the Zadar Archipelago will meet all your expectations!

Enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean climate

Is there any other choice but the utterly pleasant Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers? Yes, climate change has taken its toll here, making the summers extremely hot to bear sometimes, but luckily, we have the sea and lush pine forests. There are plenty of sunny days during both the autumn and winter months. On one hand, Zadar boasts a temperate climate, and on the other, the Dalmatian temperament manifests itself in two strong winds - Sirocco and Bora. The first one is warm and humid, the second cold and dry. Both winds will offer you a unique and authentic experience of Dalmatia!

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the city more than 3000 years old

Whether you are a fan of architecture, museums, modern art or simply enjoy discovering the hidden streets of a new city, Zadar has it all in store for you. The old town, the so-called Peninsula, is remarkably well-preserved. From squares and churches, through the newly renovated promenade and the UNESCO protected walls to the unique phenomenon of the Sea Organ and Greeting to the Sun on the Zadar's waterfront. You get the picture, right? Th Peninsula invites you to rediscover it over and over again.

Recharge your batteries in mesmerizing nature

Zadar is surrounded with incredibly beautiful nature. From the largest national park in Croatia - Plitvice Lakes, across Paklenica to the famous Krka waterfalls. And with the Vrana Lake inviting you for meditation, the mighty river of Zrmanja and numerous hidden gems, we trust that your vacation and life here will be anything but boring! Not far from Zadar is Gorski kotar - the perfect weekend destination for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

It’s all up to you - travel where your heart desires

If you are a frequent traveller, Zadar will be your perfect base. It is located in the central Adriatic and has excellent traffic connections with mainland Croatia, Adriatic islands and the entire world. Zadar also accommodates an airport and a ferry port. The highway leads directly to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, as well as to the southern part of the Adriatic and the City of Split. If you are a 4WD traveller, we highly recommend exploring the old nearby roads!

Indulge in the flavourful taste of locally grown seasonal produce

Green markets and food from the farmers’ own resources offer a remarkable value to the city of Zadar. The Peninsula is home to the largest market offering a wide selection of daily fresh and home-made fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. And when you get tired of cooking by yourself, we recommend visiting one of the many superb restaurants in Zadar. Having said that, the region is rich in seasonal food grown by small producers, and you know very well that there is hardly anything better than that!

Slow down the pace of life and enjoy your coffee

"Take it easy," is how the people from Zadar would say it. Although this city is developing rapidly and is sometimes quite busy, Zadar is still a Dalmatian city. There is no hustle and bustle typical of the big cities. Wherever you go, you will always see plenty of people enjoying themselves and sipping their coffee slowly in street cafés. Especially on Saturdays, when the famous Zadar špica in the Peninsula takes place.

Explore the hidden beauties of the Zadar hinterland

Not everything that shines is gold. And likewise, the sea is not the only attraction of the Zadar region. Discover Ravne kotare, home to the world-famous maraschino liqueur enjoyed by the emperor Napoleon himself. Treat yourself to the world-class honey and indulge in the flavours of organic wine and exquisite olive oil. The Zadar hinterland is rich in hidden natural beauties and plentiful cultural and historical sites. Explore it by bike, car, on foot or on a kayak. Or stop by the Benkovac Heritage Museum and immerse yourself in the rich history of this enchanting place!

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