Zadar Advent – experience Christmas the Dalmatian way!

Zadar Advent – experience Christmas the Dalmatian way!
Why wouldn’t you spend this year’s Christmas holidays at seaside, in magical Zadar?

Red and green, woolly hats, fairy lights, the scent of cinnamon and mulled wine, a warm scarf around your neck, and of course – people we love nearby. Yes, we’ve entered THE month when Christmas, with all its joy and warmth, knocks on our door, just as another year approaches.

Do you stay home for Christmas, visit family, or travel somewhere with them? We do love the picture that snowy Christmas paints, but maybe Zadar Advent convinces you to experience Christmas the Dalmatian way.

We’ve already written about the fantastic feeling of walking the streets of the beautiful and ancient Zadar when they aren’t crowded. With Christmas in the air and a warm cup of mulled wine or roasted chestnuts in your hand, it feels even better!

Whether you’re taking a family vacation, a romantic getaway for two, or a short holiday with your friends and a lot of fun, Zadar Advent program will fulfil all your expectations.

From November 24 to January 7 feel the coldness on your cheeks, warmth in your hearts, and happiness in your belly – join us for Zadar Advent!

Zadar Advent 2022 – get familiar with the program and the events!

Photo: Bojan Bogdanić

Lots of fun, delicious cuisine, and the atmosphere of an authentic Christmas fairytale? Welcome to Zadar Advent 2022 with a never-more-diverse offer of dishes and events on multiple locations!

We take you through all the locations of Zadar Advent 2022, from the Christmas fairytale in the Old Town to the one in the unique Višnjik Sports Center.

Let’s get started!

Zadar Advent – Christmas fairytale in the Old Town

The center of Zadar Advent is certainly the Christmas Market in Petar Zoranić Square and the adjoining Five Wells Square. There you can find as much as 25 little Christmas market booths with its rich gastronomic offer, mulled wine and gin, and Christmas candy. Besides, most booths have their own heating so you can stay warm even during the colder days.

Photo: Fabio Šimićev

What will also keep you warm is definitely the rich entertainment program that will happen on the big outdoor stage set in Petar Zoranić Square. Relax every weekend on concerts by famous Croatian and local musical acts. Dance with your significant other, share the joy and gratitude of Christmas with your loved ones!

The youngest members of your family will be the happiest since they also have numerous workshops tailored to them on holidays like St Nicholas and St Lucy.

Although the holiday of St Nicholas is more widespread globally, in Dalmatia, the holiday of St Lucy is also traditionally celebrated. She’s a patron saint of tailors, blacksmiths, and the blind; and her holiday is celebrated on December 13. On that day, the Dalmatians traditionally start with local customs such as planting of the Christmas wheat.

If you’re taking the trip to Zadar Advent with your children, they’ll be delighted! Besides the workshops, the Promenade of Santa Claus, and the Children’s New Year’s Eve happening on Petar Zoranić Square at 11 AM, their hearts will be full upon discovering the atrium of the Cedulin Palace.

In place of a former civil hospital, in the backyard of the renovated Cedulin Palace, there’s a Christmas fairytale like they’ve seen in movies! Enjoy the magical decorations, the light of a thousand fairy lights, and make the perfect Christmas photographs!

Christmas Fairytale in Cedulin Palace isn’t reserved only for the youngest population – this scenery and atmosphere might warm the heart of even the greatest of sceptics!

Zadar Advent in Višnjik Sports Center’s Winter Park

Višnjik Sports Center is a unique sports and recreational facility in Croatia, if not in Europe! Besides being a fantastic place for recreation on numerous sports fields and tracks, during Zadar Advent you can also ice skate and sled there.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly!

There are an ice-skating rink and an icy slide spanning a thousand m2 (1/4 of an acre) sure to entice a smile from your little ones, and maybe even you! Besides the rink, there’s a rich entertainment program filled with music and dance, as well as an educational one. You’ll be able to attend the presentation of various sport and recreational activities, and we shouldn’t forget the amusement park, either!

We know how quickly moving in cold air can drain your energy, so you can also replenish it in Višnjik Winter Park with tasty holiday delicacies.

Photo: Bojan Bogdanić

Advent Zadar gastronomic offer – delicious things you can eat in Christmas Market booths

This year’s gastro offer on Zadar Advent is more diversified and varied than ever before! Besides the classic and always sought-after Christmas street food, this year on Zadar Advent you can find interesting cooked meals as well as vegan dishes!

Are you Little Red Riding Hood, Hunter, or Wolf? Depends on the burger you choose because those are the names of some burgers you can find on Zadar Advent 2022. Try the sausage made from the famous Black Slavonian pig, gnocchi with wild boar ragu, and good old bean stew. Wake up your palate with cuttlefish broth and chickpeas or cod strudel – after all, we’re in Dalmatia, there must be some fish on the menu!

Don’t you worry, we didn’t forget about sweets – you should definitely try our traditional “fritule” (similar to the Italian zeppole) topped with a chocolate glaze or powdered sugar. You can also try sugared almonds, or sugared orange peel – “arancini.” If you haven’t tried this famous Dalmatian and Dubrovnik sweet, we recommend you familiarize your taste buds with it!

Zadar Advent working hours – when should you come to Zadar Advent?

In case you’re wondering, these are the working hours of Zadar Advent 2022! Christmas Market and the program on Petar Zoranić Square are open every day 10 AM to midnight, and even longer on Saturdays – to 1:30 AM.

You can experience the Christmas fairytale in Cedulin Palace’s atrium 8 AM - 9 PM during the work week, and 9 AM – 9 PM on the weekend.

Višnjik Winter Park is open to visitors Monday to Thursday 9 AM - 10 PM, and a bit longer on the weekend, 9 AM – 11 PM.

You are welcome whenever you come! In the 45 days of Zadar Advent, many things await you – make the beautiful Zadar your destination this Christmas.

Zadar Advent gallery – because a picture is worth a thousand words

We know that, when you travel, it’s important to feel at home in your accommodation. Comfortable, safe, and well-equipped. That is the feeling we try to create in every one of our accommodation facilities.

Experience Christmas the Dalmatian way in an accommodation that’s like a second home. Check out our offer of Adria Concept Luxury Apartments and experience your Christmas fairytale in Zadar.

And at the very end – because a picture is worth a thousand words, we’ll leave you to the Christmas magic of Zadar Advent through the lens of a camera!

Photos: Zadar Tourist Board