Discover the magnificent natural beauties of the Zadar region

Natural beauties
Zadar region has been blessed with many varied natural beauties, some of which are widely known, while others are rather elusive and hide their charms, waiting to be discovered by curious adventurers. All of these beauties owe their attraction to the warm Mediterranean climate, which helps create ideal conditions favouring the flourishing of the nature, plant and animal species that are native to the very heart of Dalmatia. As a result, this part of the Adriatic dazzles even the pickiest visitors who will most certainly find exciting and enchanting outdoor activities in the fresh air!
Plitvice Lakes

Lose yourself in the magnificent Plitvice Lakes

Located in the mountains of Highland Croatia, the beautiful and mesmerising Plitvice Lakes are described with numerous superlatives as being the oldest, the largest and the most visited National Park in Croatia. This comes hardly as a surprise since Plitvice offers a handful of interesting activities to its visitors.

If you are visiting for the first time, we recommend taking a long and relaxing walk along the cascading lakes and waterfalls, rivers and streams surrounded by lush green vegetation. In addition to rafting, kayaking and cycling, fans of active vacation will find satisfaction by going zip lining, visiting the adrenaline park, the safari or trying paintball. Finally, if you want to experience fairytale-like Plitvice, why not taking a carriage or horseback ride?

Krka waterfalls

Feel the power of nature at the mighty Krka waterfalls

The Krka National Park is a must-see destination for fans of active vacation who enjoy staying in pristine nature surrounded by crystal water of the Krka River. Along this entire well-known Dalmatian river, there are 7 colourful waterfalls accessible via educational hiking trails. The trails are carefully designed and have a varied array of cultural and historical sites worth visiting. In addition to hiking routes of varying difficulty, Krka offers relaxed and recreational bike tours, but there are also trails that are steeper, more challenging and work like a real charm for professionals. Lucky visitors who witnessed the magic of Krka claim it to be the most beautiful in autumn. No matter which season you decide to come, Krka will provide its visitors with a unique experience that you will certainly want to repeat!


Dive into the blue sea surrounding the mesmerising Telašćica Bay

Telašćica Bay, located in the central part of the Eastern Adriatic, was declared a Nature Park in 1988, which proved to be just the right time. The Bay owes its title to the exceptional beauty enhanced by the presence of playful Adriatic mammals i.e. dolphins which travel in pods and offer visitors a unique opportunity to witness fairytale-like and surreal scenery. Telašćica boasts countless bays, capes, cliffs and white cliffs immersed in the blue sea that occupy 64% of the Park, making it an ideal destination for sailing and diving.

If you are a nature, culture and history lover, Telašćica will offer you a wide range of sites to explore. The underwater world is teeming with plant and animal life of various shapes and colours, its caves are a true gem with their impressive entrance under the sea, and the very fact that Telašćica has been inhabited since prehistoric times guarantees a multitude of historical sites ready to be explored by the visitors.


Take a bath in the bays of the heavenly beautiful Kornati Islands that are very well suitable for a family vacation

Located in the central part of the Adriatic, the Kornati National Park, a natural paradise consisting of 89 islands, islets and reefs stretches over ​​the surface of 220 m². Kornati is made up of a distinctive group of islands offering its visitors spectacular views and breathtaking natural beauty. The islands are an ideal vacation destination for visitors looking for a sunny oasis, excellent food, warm sea and pristine nature far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Indented coast and stunningly beautiful geomorphological rock formations offer mesmerising and surreal views making Kornati one of the top 5 Top Instagram Destinations in the country!

But there is more to the famous archipelago than meets the eye. Heavenly Kornati will help you relieve the accumulated stress by swimming, diving, hiking, recreational fishing or attending various traditional events. The youngest among you can try bird (or other animal) watching!

Paklenica National Park

Explore the largest preserved forest area in Dalmatia

Paklenica National Park stretches on the slopes of Southern Velebit and is the largest preserved forest area in Dalmatia. This magnificent park boasts spectacular canyons - a perfect destination for adventurers eager to push beyond their limits and explore the unique Dalmatian rock formations. Impressive cliffs at the very entrance to the Velika Paklenica canyon will make the heart of every climber and alpinist beat faster, the mix of cycle trails revealing the most stunning views will capture the attention of cyclists looking for adrenaline, and passionate walkers and hikers will immerse themselves in their own unforgettable adventure. The latter group can choose between 150 km long marked mountain trails of varying difficulty levels or explore the karst underground and its amazing caves.


Sail along the beautiful Zrmanja River

The Zrmanja River, a hidden turquoise pearl behind the canyon that connects Lika and Dalmatia, is one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. It takes your breath away with its rapids of clear water that often flow into waterfalls of different sizes. These spots attract adventurers from all over the world who are looking for unforgettable moments. The enchanting Zrmanja River boasts widely popular kayaking, canoeing, rafting and private boat tours, ideal for creating lifelong memories. At the very end of its course, this inconspicuous river passes through a spectacular canyon, attracting many visitors with its unique beauty. The stunning views of this natural environment started to grow on some people and as a result, famous movie locations like the Winnetou were discovered.

Vrana Lake

Discover the natural phenomenon of the Vrana Lake

Vrana Lake is a unique wetland oasis and the largest natural lake in Croatia. It never fails to delight visitors who are looking to experience the rare combination of a lake habitat immersed in the Mediterranean climate. Vrana Lake, abounding in flora and fauna, is separated from the sea by a limestone ridge, making it one of the amazing natural phenomena in Europe due to its location and other characteristics.

Vrana Lake offers an array of unique possibilities, making it an ideal travel destination for visitors on short stay who enjoy trying out different activities. It also serves as a shelter for numerous bird species that hang around in the winter. Their migration is a truly awe-inspiring phenomenon! In addition, its fishing spots make it a haven for anglers, cyclists and nature lovers.

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