Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adria Concept is a socially responsible brand.

We firmly believe that it is our duty to care for the community we build in at all times and in every possible way we can.

We are striving to improve the quality of life in the community through socially responsible action. By our own example, we want to encourage others to contribute in creating a brighter future for the Zadar area.

How do we care about the community and the environment?

We are building quality real estate with maximum attention to the environment by respecting the latest European standards and ensuring that they are as sustainable and long-lasting as possible.

In addition to building our facilities, we plant your green spaces with plants best suited for the climate, and we also use the appropriate energy and water saving irrigation systems.

We actively support the work of associations that are dedicated to improving social life in the Zadar area and doing actions to increase the number of green spaces in the urban area.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We support local projects

Do you want to implement a project that would improve the quality of life in Zadar? Get in touch with us!

Required documents for your project application:

  • Short description of the project with special emphasis on the value it brings to the inhabitants in terms of enhancing the quality of their life in Zadar
  • Duration of project implementation
  • Requested amount / type of support

Civil society organizations are kindly invited to apply, and calls are open all year round. We support up to two projects a year that are of significant importance to the community.

Apply your project