Do you love active vacations? Explore the cycling trails in Zadar County!

Do you love active vacations? Explore the cycling trails in Zadar County!
If you're a cycling enthusiast and enjoy spending your vacation actively, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, consider a vacation in Zadar County!

Cycling in Croatia is becoming increasingly popular as a form of recreation and outdoor activity that is no longer reserved only for experienced cyclists. Thanks to the stunning nature, diverse landscapes, and breathtaking coastal beauty, cycling routes throughout the country have become a favorite choice for two-wheeled enthusiasts.

This is particularly true for coastal cycling routes, specifically in Zadar County, whose hidden treasures we discover in this blog.

So put on your helmet and let's take a ride on the most beautiful Mediterranean cycling paths!

What is an active vacation and how to make the most of it?

If you prefer to spend your vacation on the move, you're not alone! That is precisely the reason for the growing popularity of active vacations, especially cycling. An active vacation involves exploring natural beauty and cultural heritage through physical activity.

It's not surprising, therefore, that active tourism is particularly favored in today's highly stressful daily life. It is practiced by travelers who want to experience something new, strengthen their bodies, stay energetic, and distance themselves from the demands of modern life.

When it comes to an active vacation, Croatia is an ideal destination because it offers plenty of opportunities for unforgettable adventures. To be prepared for them and make the most of your annual leave, think ahead and plan different options that suit your interests and fitness level.

Embark on hiking trails in Plitvice Lakes National Park and enjoy the stunning waterfalls and lakes. At many locations along the coast, activities such as diving, sailing, hiking, or simply exploring historic cities are available to you. Whether you are an avid cyclist, hiking enthusiast, or simply want to explore the nature and culture of the Mediterranean paradise, practicing active tourism will connect you with the environment, give you a sense of refreshment, and create unforgettable memories.

If you choose an active vacation in Zadar, you will have the opportunity to explore picturesque coastal paths, fragrant pine forests, and enchanting stone villages. You can visit stunning islands like Ugljan and Pašman or head inland and discover the untouched nature of Paklenica National Park.

One of the most popular activities you can include in your active vacation in Zadar is definitely cycling. Zadar, a Mediterranean gem on the Adriatic coast, is surrounded by beautiful landscapes and has a well-developed cycling infrastructure. For this reason, it is a perfect location for adventurers and enthusiasts of a new kind of active tourism - cycling tourism.

What is cycling tourism and what types of cycling do we know?

Cycling tourism is a relatively new branch of tourism. It is an activity of traveling with the purpose of enjoying the surroundings while cycling. Indeed, is there anything better than activating your body and relaxing your mind while riding on two wheels surrounded by fantastic views?

The beginnings of cycling tourism date back to the 19th century in other European countries like Great Britain, and that's when the first bicycles started to appear in Croatia as well.

Cycling tourism in Croatia is currently experiencing a boom due to specific investments in infrastructure. Therefore, this beautiful Mediterranean country is recognized as one of the most attractive cycling tourism destinations in Europe.

The diversity of landscapes, from the coast to mountainous areas, allows for various types of cycling experiences for all skill levels. Moreover, the hospitality of the local population and a high level of safety make Croatia an ideal destination for cycling and active vacations.

Tourist destinations such as Istria, Dalmatia, and continental Croatia actively promote cycling tourism and offer services such as bicycle rentals, organized tours, and information centers for cyclists.

It's interesting that cycling as an activity can look completely different depending on the chosen route, type of terrain, riding styles, and other cyclist preferences.

The most well-known types of cycling that can be practiced in Croatia are road cycling, mountain biking, and trekking biking.

Road, Mountain, or Trekking Biking - What to Choose?

Road cycling takes place on paved roads and main thoroughfares. It is extremely popular among competitors but also enjoyed by those who prefer longer routes on flat terrain. It is characterized by fast riding, covering long distances, and a focus on speed and efficiency - the faster, the better.

For recreational cyclists, this type of cycling also provides an opportunity for relaxed rides while exploring picturesque roads, cities, and natural beauty.

In contrast to road cycling, mountain biking involves riding off-road. If you enjoy mountain and forest trails, if you have and want to showcase greater off-road riding skills on more challenging paths, mountain biking is the type of cycling for you!

If you want something in between, city rides, weekend outings with family, trekking biking could be the answer. Trekking bikes are designed as a compromise between road and mountain bikes, making them very versatile!

When it comes to active vacations and cycling tourism in Zadar County, the possibilities are numerous. Whether you just want to enjoy leisurely rides through beautiful landscapes and fresh air or you're an avid cyclist seeking a challenge, the Zadar area and its surroundings have trails to suit all your needs.

Biking and Cycling Trails - Zadar and Zadar County as Cyclists' Paradise

Where would you like to ride, along the coast or in the mountains? Cycling by the lakes or cultural and historical landmarks, ancient Roman roads? The cycling trails of Zadar County offer you plenty of opportunities!

There are four main routes to consider.

To the north of the Zadar coast, you'll find a road trail that leads to Zaton, the royal city of Nin (where you can also bike along the coast!), the island of Vir, Starigrad, and all the way to the enchanting island of Pag.

For those of you who are mountain biking enthusiasts and seeking more challenging trails, we highly recommend our beautiful mountain Velebit. There is a moderately difficult trail called Veliko Rujno that leads to the spacious Velebit plateau, after which you descend towards Starigrad.

If you head south, following the Adriatic Highway, you'll pass through Bibinje, Sukošan, and reach Lake Vrana. Around Lake Vrana, a protected nature park, there are 50 kilometers of cycling routes of various difficulties. If you don't have your own bike, you can also rent one at the Crkvine Info Center.

Across from Zadar, on the island of Ugljan, a true cycling adventure awaits! In just a twenty-minute ferry ride, you and your bike arrive on an island that seems tailor-made for exploring by bicycle. The Adventure Island project has contributed to this by developing and marking olive and cycling paths, viewpoints, and resting areas throughout the entire island. The cycling trails in this area are diverse, ranging from those along the coast to slightly steeper ones that go inland.

Adjacent to the island of Ugljan, connected by a bridge, is the island of Pašman, whose stunning beauty can also be experienced by bike.

Lastly, you can explore the green, captivating hinterland of Zadar by bike. It is a rural, green, and karst landscape with numerous cultural and historical landmarks and sites. There, you will also find various wineries and family farms (OPGs) where you can taste delicious local dishes, seasonal produce, renowned olive oil, and honey from the Ravni Kotari region.

Don't worry - even if you choose to cycle in the Zadar hinterland, there is water waiting for you there too. The Karišnica River, as well as the Karin Sea!

Biking in Zadar and Surroundings - Where to Find Information about Cycling Trails?

When it comes to cycling trails in Zadar and its surroundings, it can be challenging to choose which path to take. That's why several apps come to your aid, providing detailed descriptions of routes, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

One such app is Zadar Bike Magic, which offers the largest number of diverse cycling routes in Zadar County. If you're opting for an island adventure, be sure to download the Adventure Island Ugljan app. Finally, if you're interested in cycling trails in the Zadar hinterland, there's the Visit Ravni Kotari app.

Whatever you choose, we believe you will enjoy it. And to make your vacation complete and truly relaxing, you'll need comfortable accommodation where you can get a good night's sleep and recharge your energy.

We invite you to discover our Adria Concept Boutique Apartments, designed with your needs in mind, created to be your second home. Rest well, have your morning coffee with a view of the sea, relax in the jacuzzi after a long day of cycling! Make the most of your vacation and enjoy it to the fullest!

Photo: Pexels, Adria Concept Archive.