Top wineries in the Zadar area that you should visit!

Top wineries in the Zadar area that you should visit!
Come with us on a journey and explore the wine roads in Zadar, get to know the top wineries of the Zadar area and their best organically produced wines!

Egyptian pharaohs, Greek gods, and even monks were not immune to the magic of wine. Your neighbours enjoy its colors, aromas and taste, and most likely - you too. We can call it the most influential alcoholic beverage in the world. The one that awakens the senses and activates the mind. They say there is truth therein.

Of course, they are talking about wine.

The history still doesn’t know for sure when and how this divine liquid was created. Georgia is considered the cradle of wine, but according to other stories, wine was accidentally discovered by a woman from Persia. In an attempt to reduce her suffering due to the conflict with the king, she drank "rotten" grape juice and passed out. When she woke up, she felt as if all her problems had disappeared. When she introduced the king to this discovery - that's how the story goes, he forgot about everything he had resented her for!

We may not know how it was discovered, but what we certainly know well are the wines of the Zadar region.

Strong, full, intensely coloured - as temperamental as the climate and inhabitants of this region.

Zadar county is the Croatian leader that has the largest area under vine, but it also boasts the largest organic wine production.

"Croatian wines can easily stand side by side with top French wines from Bordeaux or Spanish wines from Rioja." This is particularly highlighted by Dragana Šulentić, enologist and co-owner of the Degarra winery, one of a number of exceptional wineries in the Zadar area.

With that in mind, let's get to know the top wineries in Zadar County and the characteristics of their most exquisite wine!

Discover the Zadar wine road and wine tours!

Are you a wine fan or even a wine worshipper vacationing in Zadar, wondering where to start? Which Zadar winery should you visit, which Zadar wines should you taste?

There are many wineries in Zadar and in the Zadar area, and we will take you on a journey to discover the Zadar wine roads!

Whether you want to explore Zadar wineries by bicycle, organized transport or drive there in the comfort of your own car, your trip will be well worth it. The tradition of wine production in the Zadar region goes back to more than three centuries. Each winery is special, decorated in traditional or modern interior style, always offering an ambience where you can relax and have something delicious to bite into. And the wines - superb and temperamental, winning prestigious awards in international competitions.

We start the Zadar wine route in the Zadar hinterland, in the fertile Ravni Kotari, the heart of organic wine production in Zadar County.

Winery Škaulj – a family story about organic wine production

Winery Škaulj is one of the first representatives of the aforementioned organic wine production. It boasts extremely high standards of organic production. In addition to fantastic wines, you will also enjoy fine homemade "spiza" at the Škaulj Winery, whether you plan to come with your family or want to organize lunch or dinner for a larger group of friends. The fact that even the nobility couldn’t resist Škaulj wines speaks in favour of this exclusive winery. Did you know that the Swedish king and queen visited this Zadar winery back in 2013?

Korlat and Benkovac Winery – „passion translated into wine

Korlat wines are brewed on the karst and brittle soil of Benkovac, influenced strongly by the sun and wind. What makes these wines special are not only their extreme production conditions, but also the beautifully designed labels and award-winning bottles. Korlat wines won the awards at prestigious international competitions such as Decanter and Vinitaly in the very first years of their production. Treat yourself to a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, Supreme Cuvee and other Korlat wines in the Benkovac Winery whose roof and part of the façade is covered in wild grapevines.

Degarra Winery - ambience and wines created for hedonists

Located just a fifteen-minute drive from the city, Degarra winery boasts a sophisticated atmosphere. It is decorated in modern interior style but focused on the production of top-quality wines from autochthonous Dalmatian varieties. At the Degarra winery, you will enjoy Pošip, Maraština, rosé from Plavina, Bonterra – a unique red wine created by blending several selected varieties. Don't miss tasting the dessert wine Bonmary, a combination of maraschino wine and macerated herbs from the Zadar region.

MasVin – recognizable flavors of Dalmatia all in one place

Let us take you to Polača, the premises of the agricultural cooperative MasVin, famous for uniting the recognizable flavors of Dalmatia, all in one place. Enjoy high-quality wines from the Zadar region, olive oil and fig products. Don't forget to taste Kaštelanski Crljenak, an old Croatian wine variety that has been experiencing a recent boom. These organically produced delicacies will taste even better with a fantastic view of the vineyard that stretches from the terrace.

Royal vineyards – a nine-century long tradition of wine growing

You can get to the Royal Vineyards by bike as well as by car. If you are a fan of active tourism such as cycling, and wine, we highly recommend the Bike&Wine tour! A visit to the Royal Vineyards located above the town of Petrčane, next to Zadar, will be well worth your time. With a 900-year tradition of wine growing, Royal Vineyards offer a unique experience in one of the most beautiful vineyards in Croatia. Indulge yourself with top-quality wine produced from the autochthonous wine varieties from Dalmatia while enjoying the view of the islands, the Velebit mountain, and the city of Zadar.

Jokić Winerypremium wines produced in the natural mountain and sea landscape

With vineyards located between the mountains and the sea, Jokić winery has been committed to producing premium and top-quality organic wines since 2009 by combining traditional vine cultivation with modern technology. The owners, committed to meeting high standards at every stage of cultivation, grow and cultivate the vineyard manually. Jokić Winery is a family project with great success in producing Pošip, Cuvee, Rosy-Rose and Maraština - a diffucult white wine variety to grow and produce, but on the other side very characteristic of Dalmatia.

Wines of the Island of Pag – unique environment, refined wines

If you are looking for a trip destination, be sure to visit the nearby island of Pag and taste its domestic wines. An hour's drive from the Adria Concept Boutique Apartments, there is an island carved by storm and salt. In addition to the truly specific environment, don't miss tasting the wines of the island of Pag. Along with salt production, viticulture has, since ancient times, been an extremely important economic activity on the island. It is therefore not surprising that the owners of the winery Wines of the Island of Pag are putting a lot of effort into revitalizing old wine varieties such as quality white wine Gegić. Stop by the winery and taste their Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Burina or Fortica. Don't leave empty-handed - make sure to take home a memory of this wine-island adventure ie wine salt rich in polyphenols from the seeds of the Merlot grape variety!

We are happy to introduce to you five more top wineries in the Zadar region!

For those of you who are still eager to explore fine wines in Zadar area, we would like to draw your attention to a few more Zadar wineries worth visiting. Check out these fabulous local and authentic wineries, committed to producing top-quality wine, and achieving domestic and international recognition. Top wineries in the Zadar region!

Is it possible to buy wine online? Yes, it is – through the web wine shop and organized delivery of wine parcels to your home address!

Where can you buy the best Croatian wines – how can you indulge in the unforgettable flavour that made your vacation so special? Fortunately, many wineries in the Zadar area that we have presented above will gladly deliver their top wines on your doorstep. You can buy wine online by visiting the webpage of the Degarra winery, Fiolić winery, and Korlat wines. MasVin agricultural cooperative is happy to organize the delivery of ordered parcels to your home address, except to the USA. Visit the Vivat fine wines website to order Croatian wines. If you want to treat your palate to the flavours of the top wines of inland Croatia, look no further than Vinita winery.

Reading about Zadar wines and the top wineries in the Zadar area is interesting, but the best way to experience the magic of wine is to visit the very place where the wine is produced. If you are planning a trip to Zadar County, we invite you to stay in our top-quality accommodation. We will make sure to make your stay with us just as enjoyable as drinking wine according to your taste. After all, who knows what’s in store for you at Adria Concept Boutique Apartments! It may well be wine from one of the top wineries in the Zadar region!

Photo: Degarra Winery, Pexels, Pixabay.