Holidaying in Zadar – why you should absolutely experience Zadar out of season

Holidaying in Zadar – why you should absolutely experience Zadar out of season
Do we even have to mention how wonderful it is to walk through the old town (of a 3000-year-old city!) when it isn’t crowded?

A big advantage of being in Zadar out of season is the combination of fewer crowds with excellent weather. Depending on how adventurous you feel, you just might swim up ‘til the end of October (judging by this year’s – 2022 – weather.)

You can walk, run, cycle, sail, explore, discover, and fine-dine year-round – and in really pleasant and sunny weather for most of the time.

But it isn’t just the weather that invites you to holiday in Zadar out of season, there are numerous events scattered throughout the entire year, for every palate and various interests.

Does it sound good? Let us go see everything that you can do in Zadar out of season!

What are your options in Zadar if you come on a holiday out of season?

Zadar is progressing and further developing year after year. Once, the question of what to do in Zadar out of season, was without an answer. Nowadays, there’re events, festivals, museums, a rich culinary offer, and recreational activities you shouldn’t miss. January and February are an exception, but even then, especially when the wind “bura” is blowing, you can enjoy the peaceful exploration and take in all the secrets and beauty of this Adriatic town.

Zadar festivals that your tastebuds don’t want to miss

People from Zadar love good food, good wine, and good beer also isn’t unheard of. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that out-of-season offer consists of many festivals catering to your palate. Besides the Street Food Festival, that takes place twice a year (spring – autumn) on a fantastic location next to the Bamboo Beach on Puntamika, in this article we list festivals worth experiencing.

Craft Beer Festival Zadar – in September, for beer lovers

Have you heard of Plavuša (Blondie) or Neposlušna (Naughty)? If you haven’t, it’s high time you found out about the two most well-known beers of the first Croatian collective brewery started and led by – women!

That’s right, Zadar is home to some great craft beer, and besides Brlog, there are also Varoška and Forum brewery.

Those and many other excellent Croatian beers can be tasted on Craft Beer Festival Zadar. The festival takes place on the beautiful Zadar shore each year at the beginning of September, and besides tasty beer, you can also enjoy great music, food and workshops. Visit Zadar during Zadar Craft Beer Festival and get to know the powerful taste of Croatian craft beer!

Zadar Wine Festival – in April, for those who prefer wine

Spring, alongside better mood, also brings wine to Zadar! Zadar Wine Festival is the biggest wine fair in Dalmatia garnering the attention of all lovers of this divine liquid.

It takes place at the beginning of April in the Krešimir Ćosić Hall. Over 700 Croatian winemakers present their wines to restaurateurs, hoteliers, and other visitors. Besides wine, on Zadar Wine Festival you’ll be able to try culinary delights prepared by well-known Croatian chefs. Of course, there is also an entertainment programme because what kind of enjoyment would it be without music!

Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival – in May, for the lovers of cultural fusion

Even though wine is in focus again, this time it’s only an addition to fish and sushi! Tuna, Sushi & Wine Festival happens in the middle of May and is the result of combining Japanese and Croatian culinary culture. For the duration of little under a week, in the very center of the Old Town on Petar Zoranić Square, you’ll be able to enjoy various fish delicacies.

Each day, a different restaurant – and a different chef, prepares specialties from blue and white fish, of course, accompanied by excellent Dalmatian wines. During the last two days of the festival, usually reserved for the weekend, you can also relax alongside an entertainment programme!

Events in Zadar and Zadar area not to be missed

Autumn and the beginning of winter in Zadar are not without major events important on a national, but also international level. If you work in the IT industry, or are a great lover of sea or sailing, Zadar is the place to visit in September and October. With all other events, you shouldn’t forget about the Zadar Advent – it’s your opportunity to feel a little bit of Christmas magic in a Dalmatian way!

Infobip Shift Conference – network with developers from all over the world

They say that as soon as one Infobip Shift Zadar Conference ended, the following one started getting planned! During September in Zadar, you can visit an oasis where developers from all over the world come to share their experiences and learn, but at the same time relax and have fun. Network with IT professionals from all over, make valuable acquaintances, and of course – have a blast!

Biograd Boat Show – for those who cannot imagine their life without the sea

The sun, the sea, the newest class of luxury boats and lots of socializing with divine food will win over any sailing lover that finds themselves in Dalmatia during October. Biograd Boat Show is the biggest nautical autumn fair in region where you can be the first to see the newest products of all sectors of nautical industry, of world-renowned producers and of excellent quality. Visit the royal town of Biograd and become a part of the bright future of the Croatian nautical sector!

Zadar Advent – experience Christmas in a Dalmatian way

Coastal towns may not be your first association when you think about Advent, but it’s precisely why they’re a unique destination for the holiday spirit! Spend this time of peace and abundance with your family by the sound of the waves and experience the well-known magical Zadar Christmas Eve. Visit the Zadar Advent! Your experience will be made even better by taking a stroll around the decorated town and visiting many concerts, events for children and adults, and apposite offers in cafés, restaurants and museums.

Active holiday in Zadar and Zadar area– the sky is the limit

We believe that those of you who love movement and an active holiday don’t lack inspiration for activities on our lovely coast. From swimming, running, and doing yoga with the scent of the sea and the view of the sunrise from a terrace to more intense cycling or trail challenges. Still, if you need extra incentive to spend an active holiday in Zadar or the surrounding area, this is what you should look out for.

Wings For Life – feel the strength of togetherness

Now already a tradition, every first weekend in May Zadar holds the global humanitarian race Wings for life. This event is a target destination for lovers of physical activity with a great heart who run for all those who cannot. The entire Wings for life Zadar race is run by the sea. That makes the Zadar location unique and gathers a mass of energy from thousands of runners and cheerleaders from all around the world!

Nin Lucky Trail – run in the royal town

In Nin, the royal town with a thousand-year-old history, you can spend an October Saturday running past the smallest cathedral in the world, as well as the Statue of Gregory of Nin whose big toe you should touch for good luck with your race! Besides the runners, Nin Lucky Trail is an event where visitors can also have fun cheering from the field above the Queen’s Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

Zadar Outdoor Festival – activate your body in an island ambience

If you’re a lover of outdoor activities and active holidays, you can find your piece of paradise in Zadar Outdoor Festival. Whether you’re a visitor or a competitor, you can enjoy the marvelous landscapes of the Zadar Archipelago and this region. Participate in stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, sport climbing, and many other interesting activities!

Zadar museums – visit a museum like no other in the world

One of the things we’re really proud of are the Zadar museums. Whether you want to get away from rain, find out something new, or are a lover of culture and history, in Zadar you can find one that’ll suit your taste.

Almost all Zadar museums are in the Old Town, on the Peninsula. First you have the recently renovated Governor’s Palace, a new home to the collection from the National Museum of Modern Art.

Right next to it is the enchanting Rector’s Palace whose historical sources date all the way to the 13th century. It spans over 2390 square yards and was created as a multipurpose cultural center in which you can always find a relevant exhibition, concert, or a creative workshop!

Archaeology lovers among you shouldn’t miss the lavishly equipped Archaeological Museum Zadar. Situated across from the Church of St Donatus and the Roman Forum, as well as next to the iconic Zadar cafés – it’s an excellent idea to combine a visit to the museum with a cup of coffee on the main street.

If you’re interested in glass objects from the ancient times or would like to see the process of glass production, be sure to visit the Museum of Ancient Glass. It’s a unique institution not only in Croatia, but also worldwide, as is highlighted on the Museum’s official page.

You can also visit the Zadar National Museum and get familiar with Zadar area’s cultural identity through its collection. Furthermore, the indispensable Museum of Illusions Zadar is the perfect entertainment for the entire family!

Finally, here’s a list of museums to visit if you spend your holiday in Zadar:

    Food in Zadar – excellent offer of restaurants even out of season

    Good, Mediterranean, homemade food is always a good reason to visit Zadar, even out of season. When it comes to restaurants in Zadar, most of them are open to the beginning of January, i.e., New Year’s Day. January, and then February are the months when most of the restaurants close temporarily, however, you shouldn’t worry about finding a place to eat. There are enough Zadar restaurants and taverns working year-round, such as Konoba Skoblar (the oldest tavern in Zadar), Rafaelo Restaurant, Niko (apart from the two-week Christmas break), and Bruschetta.

    Holiday in Zadar out of season can be as exciting, relaxing, varied, eventful, and tasty as the one in season. If you want to spend it in well-equipped and decorated apartments on a fantastic location by the sea, available throughout the year, stay in Adria Concept Boutique Apartments!