Have you visited Zadar already? We give you 9 irresistible reasons to do so!

Have you visited Zadar already? We give you 9 irresistible reasons to do so!
Are you looking for an ideal destination for your next trip or holiday? You’d like to go somewhere on the coast, where the sea is clear and days are sunny. But the sea is not all that matters to you, you also want some extra content. You’re interested in the history and culture of the destination you’re visiting; you want to taste and experience something authentic. You want to treat yourself, spoil yourself, awaken, and then, finally, rest properly.

Like many other cities on the Adriatic coast, Zadar has the sea, sun, islands, bays, Dalmatian “spiza” (food) in restaurants.

Why is Zadar worth visiting then, what is so magical and unique about it?

What is it that’s so magical, attractive and irresistibly unique about the destination that is discovered by and captivates numerous visitors every year?

Zadar is a perfect combination of jugo and bura – two characteristic Dalmatian winds, both equally temperamental. While one of them is warm and sometimes calming – but sometimes irritating, the other wakes you up with its freshness and invites you to discover places you’ve never been to for new sensory stimulation. Jugo provokes you into rebelling, but bura reddens your cheeks and opens your views.

And there is so much to see in and around Zadar!

Zadar offers you many things on its 3000-year-old palm. Zadar is an explosion, a combination of history, architecture, and natural beauty that we try to present nicely and connect to contemporary technology and comfort.

Zadar is grand beauty woven into something compact that you can’t wait to discover, to get lost in tiny alleys and breathe in its salty sea-laden air.

What is it that you can actually see and experience in Zadar, the city we promise is worth visiting?

Discover a unique history and take a walk through the largest Roman forum in the eastern Adriatic

This time, we’ll focus on the Roman Forum situated in the very heart of the old town, right by the church of St Donatus – another symbol of the town built on the foundations of Forum.

The build of this largest Roman forum not only in Croatia, but on the East Adriatic coast, followed all the rules of Roman urbanism. It was finished in the 3rd century, and Forum was the center of town, trade, and life. Also preserved are two altars or pillories, one of which is precisely on Forum.

Since you’re already on the Peninsula, don’t forget to swing by the Five Wells Square, a nearby square containing five draw-wells built in the 16th century during the Ottoman Empire siege. From there you can enter the beautiful Queen Jelena Madijevka (Medici) Park that hides an amazing view of the city!

Enjoy the weather because Zadar is sunny when other places have rain

Zadar is special for a lot of things, and one of them is its weather – it has a unique meteorological phenomenon that’s sometimes called “the Zadar hole.” Indeed, quite often, when surrounding places have pouring rain, lightning and thunder, Zadar has a short rain shower (if anything) and sunny weather afterwards.

An entire day filled with rain and thunder is often forecast, but extremely rare in actuality. The sun always finds its way in Zadar! Although, we have to be honest and say that rain, when it does fall, can really destroy everything in its path. We’ve warned you about the Zadar temperament before 😊

Listen to the Sea Organ and create your own movie moment with the most beautiful sunset

Can we even write about Zadar without mentioning the architectural wonder that is the Zadar Sea Organ? It is a modern symbol of the millennia-old city that, through a visionary idea and technology, enables the sea to create art. Just like the Zadar Greeting to the Sun does through the interplay of light and darkness.

The orchestral music soundtrack is already there, but you also need a good setting. You will get it each night at sunset that was especially appreciated by the famous movie director Alfred Hitchcock. Without exaggeration, Zadar’s sunset really is something wonderful. If you just add a movie kiss or a hug, you get a memory lasting a lifetime.

And nothing can compete with that!

Play the sweet-and-salty game in restaurants in Zadar or your own kitchen

Many people visiting Zadar comment that Zadar food is full of flavor. And it really is. Our tomatoes are sweet and sour, full of color, taste and scent that makes you want to drown in them. Our fish smells like the sea it came from, our prosciutto has the saltiness enriched with a memorable depth of flavor. When you start cutting our watermelon grown on local fields, it refreshes the entire room, not just the one eating it.

The food in Zadar, homegrown and produced from local seeds, is an entirely different story. The best restaurants in Zadar use precisely those, local produce and fresh, wild fish, that come with a price of their own, but are really worth it.

Rent a bike in Zadar and start on an adventure through beautiful landscapes

Zadar follows the needs of its guests, what is, I’m sure you’ll agree, very important. We especially mean this when it comes to the cycling tourism.

There aren’t a lot of cities as ideal for cycling as Zadar. Although the strict city center doesn’t have a lot of cycling routes, we’ll highlight those enchanting ones leading you away from the center.

We’ve written before that Zadar’s Diklo beach, where Adria Concept Boutique Apartments are situated, has a seaside promenade stretching for several kilometers. Of course, you don’t have to use it only for walking, you could always cycle! If, however, you prefer longer and more adventurous trails, we suggest the cycling route leading to the town of Nin. In any case, you shouldn’t miss the absolutely perfect bike ride along the beach with a view of the magnificent Velebit mountain in the royal town of Nin.

Choose the cycling route and the Zadar rent-a-bike that are a best fit with their location and intensity. In case you’re bringing your own bike along and need an urgent repair, Zadar has many bike repair shops.

Row, sail, jump – your appetite for adrenaline won’t remain unsatisfied

Cycling is great, but you might need something stronger, more intense, more challenging on other levels. Maybe something you’ve never tried before.

For those of you eager for some adrenaline and excitement, Zadar won’t let you down.

Try rafting on Zrmanja, Zadar’s river queen whose beauty will definitely leave you breathless. If you’re more of a woodsy type, Adventure Park Kožino is an essential stop offering active entertainment for kids and grown-ups alike! Climb treetops and mountains, try the zipline or embark on quad trail tours. And you can also play paintball in Zadar!

Get lost and found again in the Zadar Museum of Illusions

Zadar has a lot of museums and churches worth visiting. The Gold and Silver of Zadar, the Duke’s Palace – and now the Rector’s Palace as well, St Francis’ Church and Franciscan Monastery, St Elias Church. Why are we, then, emphasizing the Zadar Museum of Illusions? Because you’re seeking it and because it offers (smart) entertainment for the entire family. Besides, it’s set in the city center, right next to the beautiful Muraj walkway on top of the old city walls – a view from which you shouldn’t miss!

Besides being able to experience the feeling of resisting gravity, and climb the ceiling, Zadar’s Museum of Illusions has a smart playroom with brain teasers, puzzles, impossible knots, tricks, and mathematical games.

Discover Zadar’s hidden beaches and swim until the skin on your fingers and toes prunes

There’s a high probability you’ve chosen Zadar precisely because of its geographical position. The coast, the sea, the islands in the Zadar Archipelago and, of course – Zadar beaches.

The best beaches in Zadar area are usually – in the surrounding area, primarily on the islands. There’s no sea like the island sea, and the Zadar Archipelago offers you lots of that. In just a 20-minute ferry ride you can be on the island of Ugljan, and in 20 more minutes by car you can be on the neighboring Pašman. A bit further away is Dugi otok, on which you’ll want to stay forever because of its natural beauty and immensely clear sea.

As far as types of beaches are concerned, both those on islands and the coast will satisfy your fancy.

Sandy beaches in Zadar, with children-appropriate content as well as bars for adults like the one in Nin, pebble beaches, wild and hidden beaches. Driving on the Adriatic Highway in Split’s direction, not far from Zadar, you can find precisely the latter beaches for those who care most for the peaceful atmosphere and the sound of the sea.

But you don’t have to go far to take a swim in a nice sea – Diklo Zadar offers beautiful, well-tended to beaches just a couple of minutes by foot from our accommodation. If you want to switch it up, swing by the neighboring beaches Borik or Uskok!

As you can see, there are many reasons why Zadar is worth visiting, too much to list and describe in one article. It is a city where you can enjoy a romantic couple getaway, a family holiday or an independent exploration of the stories hidden in the narrow Dalmatian alleyways.

The sea will cleanse you of all worries, and numerous islands and bays will provide a hideout for hot days. The undiscovered Zadar’s hinterland will enable you to further develop you palate and find peace.

Peace and comfort of your home, even away from your house, can be found in Adria Concept accommodation. Comfortable, well-made and well-equipped, within reach of the sea, out apartments are made to be lived in throughout the year – as well as to be a stop on your way.

Check our offer here or if you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us, we’re always available for you!